A historic building with
just the right touch of modern appointments.

Cragsmere Manor is a revered treasure to those who have visited or lived in Mentone over the past century. Cragsmere was initially a small cabin built shortly after the conclusion of the Civil War by Ned & Margaret Jackson. It is believed that Ned was a recently freed slave. These original timbers, nearly 150 years old, are still standing and comprise a dining room that is the center of the property. The original fireplace is still intact as well, creating a truly unique ambiance. Additional rooms and a second level were added throughout the 1900s.


In the 1990s, "Cragsmere Manna," derived from "manor," opened as a restaurant loved by locals and tourists alike. Times change, though, and in 2009 Cragsmere was converted back into a residence, and it reclaimed its original Cragsmere Manor title. In the summer of 2012, Bill "Hoot" & Martha Gibson have completed this renovation by offering Cragsmere as a spacious rental property for lodging and/or event hosting.


We invite you to add to the rich history of this property by making it a part of your stay in Mentone. Before officially opening to the public, the Gibsons received incredible support & interest from persons near and far, so inquire today to ensure your preferred dates are available.

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